Client Testimonials

Kevin Epps
Advertising Executive

"I bought a house and later learned that the seller didn't disclose that there was a pool buried in the back yard, which caused water to flow into the rear of the house during heavy rains. I was referred to Dana by a lawyer who tried a case against him and lost. Dana was awesome; he quickly sent-out the consumer notice letter to the seller, and sued 60 days later. Because he stayed on top of things, we got a default judgment for over $80,000, and immediately began collection proceedings.

Dana got a receiver appointed, and within a year we collected the judgment! Dana is like a bulldog -- once he grabs on, he doesn't let go for a better grip!"

Walter “Chip” Albritton
Thoroughbred Horse Rancher

“Following a foot surgery that went bad (and for months being confined to a wheelchair), my employer terminated me. My employer couldn’t give any good reason for getting rid of me from my computer drafting job, and I “knew” it was because of my disability. So, I got a lawyer. Dana represented me very well, and helped me secure a very nice settlement, in very short order. I highly recommend him, especially when the chips are down.”

J. Alltop
Security Specialist

“I hired Dana to represent me in an age discrimination case against my former employer, a local bank.  He asked me to do a testimonial for his YP ad last year, and I agreed, even though the case was not over. In early November, 2001, my case was tried to a jury. Dana did the ‘voir dire’ jury selection, and picked 12 good and fair jurors, and proceeded to do a fantastic job through the entire trial. When the jury had been deliberating for over 3 hours, the bank offered a settlement that I accepted. The jury agreed to talk to us afterward, and it would have ruled in my favor on all issues. Like a recent U.S. President, my wife and I believe Dana is “The Great Communicator.” I am honored to recommend him to anyone who has any inkling that their case may have to go all the way.”


“When my dad committed suicide after the worker’s compensation insurance company denied his continued hospitalization, Mr. LeJune said it should pay dearly for that. It did. I consider Mr. LeJune not only an outstanding lawyer, but (now) a friend as well.”

Bob Christopher
Courier Service Owner
"I came to Mr. LeJune after several other lawyers said (because of the way insurance policies were written) there was 'no case.' Mr. LeJune recognized the merit of the claim, hired the best possible expert witness, prepared a settlement brochure, and the claim settled quickly out of court."
Andrea Dixon Cobb
Writer For the Dixon Family
"When our mother passed away, we turned to Mr. LeJune for legal help. Other lawyers we talked with didn't want to sue the Harris County Hospital District. Mr. LeJune quickly filed suit, and within months the District settled with our family. Mr. LeJune knows injustice when he sees it, and doesn't cower to power."
T. Dang
Chief Engineer
"My name is Thang Dang. I worked for a major French hotel chain for several years when I got an opportunity to advance; my boss was moving on, and I was sure to get the job. Because I am not White European, and was over 40 however, I believe I was passed over for the promotion. I filed a charge of discrimination and found Mr. LeJune. Just over a year after filing suit, Mr. LeJune got my case resolved for a substantial settlement amount. He was great to work with, and really cared about me, and my case."

Jeremy Easley
Houston, Texas

“My name is Jeremy Easley. I got hurt by a defective Walmart product. I hired Mr. LeJune, and he got my case settled quikly, and he did a great job! I'm very happy”

William “Bill” Eason
Professional Draftsman

“I hired Dana for a fender bender, and he did a fine job. I’d recommend him to anyone who wants top dollar for their case.”

Peter Higgs
"Dana took my case after my first lawyers (traffic ticket lawyers) messed it up. Dana was not afraid to go after those lawyers, and filed the suit just a few days after the 60 day notice period expired. A few months later, Dana demanded the "policy limits," and the insurance company tendered it. I am so glad I found this 'pit bull;' I cannot express my gratification enough!"
William Johnson
“Over a dozen years ago a defective product injured my back, and I hired Dana LeJune. That case was resolved quickly, and fairly. Recently I slipped and fell on mop water in a popular fried chicken restaurant in South Texas. This time, my back and head were badly injured. Dana filed suit in Corpus Christi, and within two years the case was settled for what our local counsel described as "undoubtedly the largest slip and fall settlement in Nueces County history." I refer to him as "Dana" because during the litigation of my case, he not only proved himself to be a great lawyer, but a good friend as well. Thank you,
Wanda Sue Latham
Former Plant Technician
"My former employer thought it would save money by not having workers compensation coverage. I hurt my back badly because of my employer's negligence. Several 'TV Lawyers' refused my case. Mr. LeJune took it to trial and won a judgment for over $600,000 dollars. I was truly blessed to
have found Mr. LeJune."
David Lester
Dallas Small Business Owner
Dallas, Texas
"When dozens of national broad- casters and newspaper, magazine and book publishers ripped-off our company's intellectual property for their own profit, Dana sued them under Federal Law. He quickly succeeded in forcing all of them to pay over their ill-gotten gains to our company. Dana knows the law, and how to use it, and we thank him."
Elvia Lopez
"My wife and I have known Dana LeJune since 1994, when he repre- sented us in a complicated business matter. We recently had a serious problem with the purchase of a new truck, and he resolved the matter with the dealer in one day! We would never go anywhere else for any civil legal problem!"


Marcus McKean
Electrical Estimator

"My lawyer got me some money from my own insurance company following my collision, but then he dropped the ball; he let limitations run against the other driver, and so I never got any settlement from the insurance company for the driver who caused my injuries. I called Dana LeJune, and he jumped right on the case. Within two months my former lawyer agreed to pay me the same amount as the policy limits of the driver he should have sued. Thanks, Dana; great job!"

Dennis Murphy
Professional Photographer
Dallas, Texas

"I was surprised when I saw that an image I created for a Four Seasons Hotels Calendar was on the retail tea boxes of at a very well known northwest coffee purveyor. I asked for Dana's help. We were able to scan the tea box image, enlarge it to the size of the calendar, make it into a transparency and overlay it over the tea box image. Voila! Substantial similarity! Dana did a great job, and I would never go anywhere else for advice on copyright issues.”

Becky Phillips
Small Business Owner

“My husband and I operate a wrecker business. In 2000, we purchased a new wrecker, and all we had were problems with the transmission. We lost a lot of profits and sleep, until we found a great attorney. Dana quickly sued the manufacturer and several other companies in the chain of custody. Within a year he forced a tremendous settlement.  He and his staff have been wonderful to work with, and I would recommend him highly!”

Kenneth Ralph
Houston, Texas

“Dana and his staff are in a word, ‘devoted.’ Several times during my suit, they went above and beyond the call of duty, after hours and on weekends, to make my case the best it could be. You just don’t hear of that kind of commitment
Ricky Tennison
Former Jiffy-Lube Mechanic
"When my employer thought he would save money by not having worker's compensation insurance, and then I got hurt on the job, I hired Mr. LeJune. Even though my employer threatened to file bankruptcy, Mr. LeJune stuck with the case, and eventually, made them pay a settleme nt. Like a "fighting bulldog," Mr. LeJune grabs their pant's leg, and doesn't let go for a better grip!"

Don Thompson

“I've hired Dana for a couple of consumer-commercial problems over the past several years. The first, he got resolved without suit, and quickly. The most recent was against my own bank for damaging my good credit when it failed to automatically debit on a loan after it was set up that way. I cannot divulge the amount of the settlement, but I am one happy camper! Thanks Dana."

Cheryl Waller
Small Business Owner

"I had a slipped disk in my back and had surgery for it in Alabama (where my husband was working at the time). Even though all my symptoms were on the right leg side, and the MRI showed the problem was on the right side of my disk, the surgeon operated on the LEFT side of my disk, and then, dictated in the report that he cut on the RIGHT side of the disk! When I later began to have symptoms on both legs, I had another surgery to correct the original problem. Mr. LeJune happened to know the surgeon who fixed me, and together, we made the Alabama doctor be responsible for his negligence and coverup through a lawsuit and settlement. Thank you, Dana!"

Mattie Young
Houston, Texas

“Dana LeJune represented me and my children when my husband was killed in a collision in El Paso. He constantly kept us informed of the case status, and the resulting settlement has made a real difference in our lives. He is tenacious and committed, and we highly recommend him.”

Hector Galvan
Small Business Owner
Houston, Texas

I hired Mr. LeJune to represent me with a litigation issue. I had previously hired an attorney before him, who evidently did not represent me well. I called Dana and right away he set up an appointment to meet with me. However my court date was right around the corner, so I was relieved that he was willing to take on the matter.

My insurance company had already denied coverage, but because Dana was familiar with situations like mine, he was able to force the insurance company to settle the case quickly, AND get it to pay most of his fees! Dana did a great job always keeping me posted, and I am comfortable recommending him as an excellent attorney.

George Craig
Small Business Owner
Houston, Texas

Several years ago, HL&P neglected an electric power pole next to my photographic studio.  During a tropical storm, heavy rains and high wind caused the pole to fall into my chimney, and the result was an electrical/gas fire in the attic of my studio.  I lost many of my stock images, and it heavily damaged other photographs. Dana went after HL&P with his aggressiveness that is always present, but professional, and secured a very nice settlement.   Now, whenever I have ANY legal problem on the horizon, he is the guy I call first. Thank you, Dana!


When I visited Billy Blues Bar-B-Q Restaurant one evening, I was surprised to see at the entrance, a full size painting-copy of a photograph I shot for a ZZ Top album cover years earlier.  I immediately called Dana LeJune. After wading through all the excuses, and then verifying that all the “poor-boy can’t pay” stories were untrue, he convinced the owner that, like the Fram Filter slogan goes, it was better to pay now than pay us a lot more later...  Dana seems to know all the right buttons to push, and the professional photographers of Texas should be mighty grateful for his vigilance over the last two decades.

B.H. Dallas Photographer
Small Business Owner
Houston, Texas

“When I found out that one of my images had been scanned without permission and used on several thousand hotel and motel reservation web sites, I called Dana.  I enjoyed working with him, and learning about litigation. 

He showed me that he is focused and determined to win the case; he's extremely tough.  We settled the case for the infringement of just one of my images for $135,000.”

Miguel Valera
Professional Photographer

I am a professional photographer in Houston, Texas. When the largest spa resort in town used one of my images in its magazine advertising campaign without license, I called Mr. LeJune. He was extremely easy to work with, and explained to me in detail what we could accomplish. Within about four months he was able to negotiate a settlement of several times what I was originally paid to create the image!

Dana LeJune; the professional photographer’s legal savior!

Phil & Martha Huggins
Houston, Texas

"When we were involved in a bad car wreck, a friend referred us to Dana. He jumped right on it, and got it settled within several months, which is pretty quick for a case involving serious injuries. But he went further: our truck was brand new, and the insurance company would not total it.

Dana hired an expert to calculate the "diminished value," and got us an additional several thousand dollars! What a Bulldog! We highly recommend Dana, and are proud to say so."

Joe Tijerina
Leisure Fisherman
Port Mansfield, Texas

I was injured in a collision and didn’t choose my lawyer carefully, and he messed up my case badly. No lawyers in the Valley would touch my case, so I looked in Houston, and thank God, I found Dana. He jumped right on the case, got Allstate to pay the claim – even though the statute of limitations had already passed and then went after my first lawyer.

All’s well that ends well, but only if you find Dana LeJune to take your case. I highly recommend him!

Pat and Pam Riley
Winnsboro, Texas

After being sued by an insurance company that decided to file the suit in Houston courts, instead of the county in which the accident occurred, we were forced to find an attorney that would help us. Luckily, we did get in contact with Dana.

Even after Dana got the Houston judge to send the case back to the county it should have been filed in, he stayed on top of the case and got it settled. We appreciate him and his staff very much for all their hard work and dedication to getting this over with.

Oscar & Carlotta Cruz Houston, Texas

When my husband and I bought coffee and donuts at a local donut shop, the clerk pushed the boxes and coffee cups off the edge of the counter and the coffee fell over and burned my thighs badly.  We hired Dana and he got right to work.  He had a plastic surgeon look at my burns, and within 18 months he filed suit and had negotiated a large settlement for us. 

Dana is a great lawyer and really cares about his clients.  We highly recommend him!

Francisco "Mike" Rocha

My name is Mike Rocha. While working as a ramp agent for Continental Airlines, an employee of another contractor on the tarmac backed into me with a truck. My knees buckled and my neck snapped back. I hired a lawyer in my neighborhood who worked on the case awhile, and he then referred it to Dana. "Wow," is all I can say. Dana took the baton and ran with it, took some depositions, hired some "expert witnesses," and forced the defendant to settle out of court for a LOT of money (amount is confidential, as the defendant didn't want anyone to know what they ended up paying...).

In this day and age of shoddy workmanship, speed over results, and profits over people, Dana is one professional who knows what to do, and gets it done quickly, thoroughly, and with great results. Not only can I recommend him to you, but I am also proud to call him my friend.

Dan Winfrey
Pasadena, TX

In September of 2005, a friend and I were fishing off Port Bolivar when a shrimp boat ran us over. My friend jumped clear, but I got hit and injured, and my boat and all my gear were ruined or lost.

Despite the shrimper being uninsured, Lawyer LeJune accepted the case, and filed a suit. He located witnesses and prosecuted the case diligently. Because of his thorough preparation, the case settled at mediation, and he collected every penny of the settlement.

I wouldn't give you two cents for most lawyers, but this one is worth knowing. Thanks to his persistence, we were able to literally "squeeze blood from a turnip."

W. Springfield
"I was let go by my employer, I believed wrongly. I filed an EEOC charge, and then hired Dana to attend the mediation. Dana guided me through the process, explaining what would probably happen and what was going on the entire way. Although the name of the employer and how the case was resolved are confidential, I am very pleased with the results obtained by Mr. LeJune. I highly recommend Dana for any employment issue that may come your way."

Josh R., Electrical Worker

I was referred to Dana LeJune by a friend who had slipped and fallen at a Church's Chicken in South Texas. He said "Dana is one great lawyer," and so I hired him.

Dana made sure I got to some good doctors (I had no health insurance), filed suit, took some depositions, and within 7 months of filing, got the case settled for $330,000.

Based on how he handled my case, Dana is not just a great attorney, I think he's the "Best of the Best."


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