Grievance Committee Service

The District Grievance Committees of the Texas Bar Association are designed to assess written complaints and enforce the Rules of Disciplinary Procedure. The Committees review the classified written complaints, and hold various types of hearings, some where testimony is under oath, and some informal, to determine if there is Just Cause to believe that the lawyer under complaint has shown professional misconduct.

If there is evidence of Just Cause, the Respondent (accused) attorney may elect to have his or her case heard before an Evidentiary Panel of the District Grievance Committees to determine whether misconduct occurred and, if so, the appropriate sanction.

I have served as Chairman of the 4-E-15 Grievance Panel for three years, after serving as a panel member for three years.

For more information on what to do if you believe your lawyer has not performed ethically, please visit the State Bar Website.

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