Contingent Fee Intellectual Property Litigation

Contingent Fee Intellectual Property Litigation may be of special interest to small inventors, architects, illustrators and photographers who suspect their inventions, plans, and images, respectively, have been infringed:

If a company or corporation infringes, you may now be able to get reimbursed for your loss through contingent fee litigation.

In the past, most inventors, architects, illustrators and photographers could not afford to sue the larger companies that infringed their patents and copyrights, even though this happened quite often. However, now -- with the advent of contingent fee litigation -- inventors with winning cases can afford to sue, because attorneys who do this kind of litigation take a gamble along with the client. This means that -- except for expenses -- you will not pay your attorney anything. If you win, you will share your winnings with your attorney. If there are no winnings, you pay only expenses. Such cases are however, carefully-screened, and many are rejected, or, are handled on a “hybrid” arrangement.

Dana LeJune is one of a few lawyers in the country who handles contingent fee cases for inventors, graphic artists (computer and traditional), architects and photographers. Since 1983 he has helped several dozen artists recoup their economic damages, and even punitive damages, from infringers. Click here to read success stories.

If you think you have a good case against a company, you will want to know about the things that make a "winnable" contingent fee case:

  • The infringing party has used your product for a long time, and intends to use it in the future.
  • The infringing party has the ability to pay damages.

Your patent or copyright and its file history show no obvious problems. (You will have to go over this with Dana either on the phone or in person for him to help you determine this.)

Call Dana LeJune at 713.942.9898 or send e-mail to ask him about contingent fee intellectual property litigation.

Note to the media: Contingent fee intellectual property litigation is a very hot topic. Mr. LeJune is available to answer your questions. Please call and request an interview or appearance.

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